Membership and Costs

Your first four sessions are FREE as a beginner. After that it only costs £4 per 1.5hr lesson – two or more members of the same immediate family can train for £7 per lesson.

Karate suits (Gi) can be purchased for £20 upwards (depending on size and specification), with the club logo embroidered too.

Around 2-3 weeks after starting training, you will be asked to join both the Club (around £20 for life membership) and our Governing Body—The Karate Union of Great Britain (approx. £30 per year). This will ensure that you will be fully insurance covered for any liability that may occur during a training session. The chance of this is highly unlikely and we have never had such an occurrence in 40 years!

It also provides you the opportunity to train with some of the most experienced and respected Karate Instructors in the world and attend regular Bona Fide Grading Exams, to pass different coloured belts for each Kyu grade and ultimately the coveted Black Belt Dan grade—Typically achievable in 4-5 years. We do not grade our own members as this can de-value your achievement.

There are regional and national competitions if you wish to try your hand against other Karateka. With the KUGB Nationals held each year in Birmingham, there is the chance to see and compete with some of the best Karate men & women in the country—not to be missed!

The KUGB license is mandatory to be renewed each year you are training.

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